a proactive action plan may include:

Strategic Planning

Messaging is the foundation for all internal and external communications efforts. From in-person workshops to digital media road maps,  and SWOT analyses, your company will have a solid footing to launch an effective communications plan. 

Content Strategy/PR

Your stories are told with industry context and relevancy to help journalists and influencers take notice.  Public relations narratives are shared with a steady drum beat as pitches, contributed articles, Op-eds, or news releases. Your PR efforts directly fuel your content marketing  initiatives, too.

Creative + Media Planning

Visual storytelling is critical. Kiersten has worked with nationally-recognized designers to tell brand-aligned visual stories about products and services using: marketing collateral, infographics, brochures, e-books and interactive PDFs, to name a few.  And Kiersten has personally worked with select digital  partners who help reach the right people and extend beautiful creative campaigns through digital and traditional media planning .

Content Marketing, Inbound

The most effective content educates, empowers and builds trust. Using customer personas and content marketing best practices, custom content is created for each buyer journey to help provide  answers, share valuable information, build trust and empower consumers to choose your firm. 

Video Storytelling

Show them your value. Video is an integral part of any communication initiative to show, not tell with copy.  Kiersten has industry relationships with national and local talent to provide cost-effective video content. From social media to web content, video can be created to increase engagement, share complicated information, and generate excitement about the impact of your work.

Social Media

Just because a social media platform exists does not mean it is an appropriate medium for your business. Clients are guided towards priority platforms based on industry and business goals. Custom content and posting calendars will be created that align with business goals and other company initiatives. 

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Kiersten's Laundry List of Industry Experience


Autonomous Vehicles

Clean Technology

Consumer Products



Financial Technology



Genetic Therapeutics

Health care

Hedge Funds

Higher Education

Insurance Technology




Professional Services

Renewable Energy


Travel & Tourism


Trading Technology


Wealth Management